Amazon holds the keys to thousands of buildings
Amazon holds the keys to thousands of buildings

Amazon is paying homeowners across the country — and sometimes financial incentives — to allow its drivers to open their homes themselves using mobile devices.

This service called Key for Business was introduced to reduce stolen packages and make it easier to leave packages in the lobby instead of outside.

The online shopping giant benefits because it enables delivery personnel to check in more quickly. Reducing the number of stolen packages can reduce costs and give Amazon a competitive advantage.

Those who have installed the device say that it can reduce the constant noise of delivery personnel and is a safer alternative to providing codes to dozens of delivery personnel.

However, the plan, which was first announced by the online shopping giant in 2018, may raise security and privacy concerns.

The company said it will check with delivery staff and only open the door if a package is present.

However, tenants may not realize that Amazon drivers can enter the front door of the building because the online shopping giant is keeping the building vigil.

Ashkan Soltani, former President Obama's chief technical advisor and privacy researcher, said any device connected to the Internet can be hacked, including Amazon. Hackers can try to open the door.

Soltani, a former chief technology officer at the US Federal Trade Commission, added: ``They bring foreign internet-connected devices into your internal network.

Amazon wants the keys to your building

The company has installed equipment in thousands of apartment buildings across the United States. However, she did not want to give exact numbers. Sometimes they leave guides where round stickers with the Amazon smile logo are placed where the device is installed.

Amazon salespeople are urging users across the country to install the device. The company worked with local locksmiths to place equipment on the premises while the locks were being repaired.

Amazon installs the device for free and sometimes offers a $100 gift card.

The US Postal Service currently has a way to enter the building to get to the mailbox.

UPS said it worked with smart lock companies in 2018 to test a way for employees to enter the building without disturbing tenants.

But that test is over and UPS has declined to explain why.

The company said that if customers are away from their homes, they can send the package to a nearby grocery or flower shop.

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