Amazon wants to use radar to track your sleep patterns
Amazon wants to use radar to track your sleep patterns

Google's latest Nest Hub may not be the only device that uses radar to track sleep, as Amazon has been given a US license to use 60GHz radar to monitor consumers' sleep patterns.

Like Google technology, you don't have to wear a halo bracelet or any other device to check for sleep problems.

The e-commerce giant has received approval from the Federal Communications Commission to use radar sensors to detect motion and enable contactless sleep tracking.

On June 22, Amazon asked the Federal Communications Commission, which regulates the use of radio waves, for permission to sell the radars.

This technology captures movement from three dimensions, the company said in a paper. This allows users to control their functions with simple gestures and actions.

According to the company, this ability can help people with movement impairments, speech or touch disorders, and monitor sleep with great accuracy.

Amazon said in its post, “Using radar sensors to track sleep can improve sleep awareness and sleep management, which in turn can bring significant health benefits to many Americans. Radar sensors enable consumers to identify potential sleep problems.”

Amazon is keen

In addition, the company did not fully describe the device in its documentation. But she said it wouldn't be a wearable device.

The FCC previously granted Google a similar license that allows the radar to enable touch control on Pixel smartphones. In the letter, the agency said it agreed to Amazon's request.

Amazon is committed to health and well-being with its Halo bracelets. Some reviewers have criticized the body fat meter and sound, saying the device violates privacy and is extremely negative.

The company has long been committed to developing technology that enables customers to use their hands or other gestures to control devices.

In addition, this feature has always been a selling point for Fire smartphones. It appears in patents related to the Amazon Echo Smart Speaker.

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