Facebook: Iranian hackers attack US soldiers
Facebook: Iranian hackers attack US soldiers

Facebook announced that a network of hackers linked to Iran tried to use its platform to attack US military.

At the heart of this movement is a group called tortoiseshells. Facebook said the organization tracked individuals and companies in the aerospace and defense industries in the United States.

Its main destination is the United States. But he was also trying to find people in Britain and parts of Europe.

The platform has disrupted a network of Iran-linked hackers who are trying to distribute malware via malicious links shared with false identities.

The social network's cyber espionage investigation team has taken action against the organization. This includes deactivating their accounts and notifying nearly 200 targeted users.

“This activity is characterized by continuous and sufficient resources that rely on relatively robust operational security measures to hide behind the scenes,” Facebook said. Our platform is an integral part of a larger multi-platform cyber espionage.

His Facebook activities are based on social engineering and push people off the platform. For example, email, messaging and collaboration services and websites. Rather than sharing the malware itself directly.

Furthermore, what had happened seemed unprecedented to the tortoiseshell. In the past, the group mainly targeted IT companies in the Middle East.

It is using tactics similar to the Chinese Evil Eye method against the Uyghur community earlier this year.

Iranian hackers use Facebook

The social network reported that the organization created complex online personas to connect with their targets and build trust before trying to get them to click on malicious links.

As a result, she has accounts on several social media platforms to make her pranks more believable.

The organization created a fake job search website and bypassed the US Department of Labor's legal job search tools.

Facebook believes that at least some of the malware released by the organization was developed by Mahak Rayan Afraz, a company of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps.

In addition, Iran has been accused of various malicious activities on the Internet over the past year.

In particular, Microsoft said last September that it was one of the countries trying to interfere in the 2020 US presidential election.

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