Facebook Messenger gets Soundmojis
Facebook Messenger gets Soundmojis

Facebook has released a new emoji library for the messenger app that adds a new level of expression to frequently used photos through sound effects.

Facebook calls this new library Soundmoji. When used, recipients will see the emoji and hear associated sounds, such as claps and crickets, for sound clips on TV shows.

Emojis like GIF are used to express emotions without words. It has become a universal language on the Internet that can convey a person's feelings on topics that anyone can understand.

Soundmojis on Facebook amplify the emotions expressed through emojis with sound effects and associated audio clips.

Users can find Soundmoji by clicking the smiley face icon in a Messenger chat, then clicking the speaker icon.

The app includes a Soundmoji library that you can use to preview sound effects before sending them to chat. The emojis are the same you're used to. But you can tell when it contains sound from surrounding sound waves.

Facebook Adds Soundmojis

It is not known how many emojis have sound effect options. But a quick look reveals some commonly used options. Includes emojis of laughter, clap and cockroach.

Feelings are expressed through real applause and various sound effects. Facebook has also added audio clips from popular media.

For example, users can share audio clips from the popular comedy Brooklyn Nine Point Nine and the movie F9: The Fast Saga.

Hear F9: The Fast Saga quotes in conversations with the new voice emoji for Facebook Messenger.

According to the company, more than 2.4 billion messages containing emojis are sent through Messenger every day. Adds live emojis to messaging conversations around the world.

Facebook plans to regularly update the Soundmoji library with new tracks and sound effects. It's good that it is not yet clear when the next update will come.

New messages arrive before World Emoji Day on July 17 every year.

If you want to preview new emojis that may appear soon on your device, you can view the draft Emoji 14.0 filter.

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