Google and Microsoft sued again
Google and Microsoft sued again

Google and Microsoft ended a six-year truce over legal battles.

The two companies attempted to break the deadlock through a series of escalating negotiations that were outlined in the deal.

The case is in its final stages and CEO Satya Nadella and Sundar Pichai have had a number of unresolved talks.

It appears that the lack of a solution led to the termination of the agreement.

The Financial Times reported that Microsoft and Google reached an unusual ceasefire agreement in 2015 that ended in April.

The deal is said to be designed to avoid litigation and complaints to regulators.

This means that since Scroogled attacked Google's privacy policy, we haven't seen Microsoft and Google publicly complain about each other.

It now appears that litigation could re-emerge and some evidence has emerged recently.

Earlier this year, the search giant criticized Microsoft for trying to change the way the open web works. It did so after Microsoft publicly passed a law in Australia requiring Google to pay news publishers for content.

Microsoft also criticized the search giant's dominance of the advertising market. Claims publishers are forced to use Google's tools to generate revenue for the search giant.

Because of the armistice, calm prevailed between them for five years.

Microsoft has been silent about the US government's antitrust action against Google last year. Although it was the second largest search engine at the time.

Google and Microsoft are grappling with litigation again

The Financial Times reports that the agreement between Microsoft and Google is also aimed at improving the way the two companies work together. Microsoft was hoping to find a way to run Android apps on Windows.

This obviously doesn't work. Microsoft turned to Amazon to run Android apps on Windows 11.

Prior to this deal, there was some fierce fighting between Microsoft and the search giant. It can condense again.

At the height of Windows Phone in 2013, a battle broke out between Microsoft and the search giant YouTube.

A few months later, Microsoft started selling research mugs and T-shirts. Performance on my Chromebook was a bit unexpected.

Microsoft and Google have changed a lot since the Scroogled era, including new leadership on both sides, but the search giant's attack on Microsoft earlier this year proved that the two tech giants are ready to attack again.

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