Google is moving away from APK files in the Android Store
Google is moving away from APK files in the Android Store

For developers looking to offer their apps through the Android App Store, Google has announced an important change that may affect the Android app platform.

Currently, the default format for publishing apps is APK. But starting in August, Google will require the use of the Android App Bundle to publish new Google Play apps.

Through Google's Android App Bundles page, the company is touting some potential improvements to the new format, such as making smaller app downloads available to users.

However, there is a problem with this format, as the Android app bundle is a format used only by the Google Play Store, which makes it difficult to redistribute apps.

Google released the news a few days after Microsoft announced the Windows 11 operating system that will allow you to download Android apps as APK files.

Moving from Google app bundles to Android could mean fewer apps that can run on Microsoft's new operating system.

However, you can download Android apps via Windows 11 from the Amazon Appstore.

One of the main functions of the new Windows 11 operating system from Microsoft is the implementation of Android applications via the Amazon App Store.

According to Google, the obligation to use the Android app bundle only applies to new apps. The company said: Existing apps are currently excluded as well as private apps that have been published to users of the hosted Google Play Store.

Google is moving away from APK files

As a developer, if you are planning to release a new app, there is very little time to make sure that you are using the new format. More than a million apps use the Android App Package Format.

Many users hope to be able to use APK files to download unavailable and popular Android apps from Amazon Appstore via Windows. Microsoft says it is possible.

Sideloading APK files can lead to security risks and other issues. But the reaction to this news seems to upset Windows and Android fans.

With the advent of APK files, it is difficult to download popular Android apps through Windows 11 when this feature is available.

Android App Bundle Format is only available for Google Play Store, which is based on Google Play Services. It seems that Windows 11 is not supported.

Additionally, in 2018, Google introduced the Android App Bundle Format, which is a much more efficient way to create and publish apps.

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