Google reveals what Americans are looking for during a heat wave
Google reveals what Americans are looking for during a heat wave

Many parts of the world are affected by extreme heat waves, including the United States, Canada, and parts and states of the Pacific Northwest. By combining these events, Google used its big data to identify the hottest topics that users were searching for in high temperatures.

As people used to, summer is currently the hardest for the United States. In some states, the temperature has risen above 37°C for several days. Of course, you can now guess one of the most sought-after products: air conditioners!

The rise in climate research is due to the fact that citizens of many countries have not used it at all. Locations where air conditioners are not home appliances are common in many states, including Washington and Oregon.

The effect of climate on Google search

As revealed by Google, the search for air conditioners has increased dramatically. The same applies to the search for services for the installation and operation of air conditioning systems. This is because finding the device itself is different than finding a service to install it.

One of the terms that saw a significant increase in search volume during the heat wave was the term "heat wave". When citizens tried to find out the reasons, searches for this term increased exponentially.

According to Google, the term "heat wave" was first used in the 19th century. However, according to historical data, the widespread use of this term began in the mid-1980s, which is normal given the climate change we are experiencing in recent years.

Google also recorded a significant increase in queries for the term "scorcher". The word literally means "hot day" and is used on very hot days. As in some states in the United States, although the term is not used frequently, the term has increased search volume.

Many companies use similar events to offer their services to people who search for these words in search engines. For example, if an advertising company displays the word “air conditioning” in Google search results, the company may generate huge profits and distribute them in an environmentally friendly manner, and search results will appear naturally when you search for those words. The results come from websites interested in improving the search engine performance of their content.

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