Instagram is testing a re-share sticker for Stories
Instagram is testing a re-share sticker for Stories

Instagram has launched a new re-share test for its Stories that will allow people to re-share dynamic posts they've recently seen on the app via a new custom sharing format instead of pasting them together again. Framework.

The new action displays a list of posts you've recently viewed or saved in the app, including dynamic posts and reels content.

You can then select the post you want to share in the story so that the post appears under a smaller custom sticker that you can link to a larger photo or video in the story.

The idea is to encourage users to be more creative when reposting rather than pushing posts from the feed directly into their stories. This is something Instagram has been trying to curb over the past few months.

“People tell us they prefer original story content over reposts,” said Vishal Shah, Instagram's Vice President of Products. That's why we're testing a new way to share with stickers. We hope people will pay more attention to sharing and create a better story experience for everyone.

Previously, if you wanted to share a review article about your story, you had to do it manually from the article itself. This test replaces this functionality and forces you to switch from publishing itself to build mode.

Instagram encourages intentional sharing

A spokesperson for the platform said the quiz is designed to spark people's interest and make them more aware of the content they are posting.

Presumably, this means that the platform does not want people to click the share button on the post, but rather provides more steps to do so.

At the same time, Instagram may want people to be more engaged with the content of the app. This can increase the visibility of people so that they can click on different photos and videos.

The platform states that this testing is currently limited because it is conducting trials with a small number of users who see the new options. But it seems like an effective way to increase your creativity in sharing while making it easier to re-share relevant content.

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