Intel builds Qualcomm processors to keep up with its competitors
Intel builds Qualcomm processors to keep up with its competitors

Intel said its factories have started making Qualcomm chips and has drawn up a roadmap to expand the business of new chip makers to keep pace with competitors such as Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. and Samsung in 2025.

Qualcomm is known for developing the Snapdragon chip that powers most of the major Android phones. Qualcomm will start manufacturing its chips using Intel's upcoming 20A process over the next several years.

The 20A chip manufacturing process uses a new transistor technology to reduce the power consumption of the chip.

Manufacturing of the 20A chip is scheduled to begin in 2024. 20A introduces a new RibbonFET transistor architecture, Intel's first since 2011.

When the first batch of Intel's Qualcomm chips or any of the company's Qualcomm products arrive, the timing has yet to be announced.

Intel has been a pioneer in manufacturing the smallest and fastest computer chips for decades, and he said Amazon is another new customer in the chip industry.

However, Intel has come out ahead of TSMC and Samsung, whose manufacturing divisions have helped Intel competitors AMD and Nvidia produce better chips than Intel.

AMD and Nvidia have developed chips that are then manufactured by competing chip manufacturers.

Intel builds Qualcomm processors to keep up with its competitors

Intel said it plans to regain its leadership position by 2025, describing the five groups of chip manufacturing technologies that will hit the market over the next four years.

The company is changing its chip technology naming scheme to use names compatible with competing technologies from TSMC and Samsung in the market, such as: Intel 7.

In the smallest possible chip world, the name Intel refers to the size of the features in nanometers.

But over time, the names used by chip manufacturers have become arbitrary terms. This gives the false impression that Intel's competitiveness is low.

Amazon, which makes data center chips for Amazon Web Services, has not yet used Intel's chip manufacturing technology. But it uses encapsulation technology; This assembly process is usually imposed on so-called 3D moulding.

The company previously announced that its new chip manufacturing business is part of the IDM 2.0 strategy for its new CEO, Pat Gelsinger. Shortly thereafter, he became president of the company.

Chip manufacturing services are an important part of the plan. This is a plan the company will expand beyond manufacturing its own chips to deal with third-party manufacturing.

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