Is it dangerous to use the phone while charging
Is it dangerous to use the phone while charging

Our use of smartphones continues to grow. Smartphones make tasks like entertainment, work, and communication easier, but frequent use can lead to bad behavior, including using the phone while charging.

The battery can be considered one of the most important components of any smart device, including mobile phones of course. It's the battery that maintains performance and allows you to use that power before you recharge it and then redo the same process.

For this reason, the company is always trying to increase the battery capacity while maintaining the slim design of the mobile. In addition to providing the fastest possible charging capacity, all these steps did not reduce the risks of smartphone batteries.

Risks of operating phones while charging

Smartphone users want to know how dangerous it is to use the phone while charging. In general, there is no immediate danger in using a cell phone when it is connected directly to a power source (ie connected to a charger).

This is because smartphone manufacturers are thinking about it. However, when using non-original chargers, the situation is completely different, an unexpected overheating doubles the risk.

However, heavy cell phone use while charging is not that dangerous. However, it is better not to do this to prevent the user from changing the current due to overheating, which will affect the failure of the circuit or the charger itself.

On the other hand, the use of the mobile phone while charging affects the experience, that is, the battery charges very slowly because the user presses the mobile phone while charging, and most of all it consumes power and the temperature rises dramatically.

Heat is the main enemy of any smart device and one of the biggest dangers of using a cell phone while charging. These risks are exacerbated when the mobile phone is used to charge when the temperature rises, for example when the mobile phone is plugged in and exposed to direct sunlight.

There are many other risks, including an increased chance of damaging the charging port or cable due to this practice. In addition to other health risks, cell phones, for example, emit high levels of radiation when used with a charger that is permanently connected.

One of the most important ways to charge a cell phone is to charge it at an appropriate temperature and a certain distance should be kept between the phone and the user to avoid any risk of radiation or heat.

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