Windows 11 runs Android apps through the Intel Bridge
Windows 11 runs Android apps through the Intel Bridge

Microsoft announced the ability to run Android apps on Windows 11. This feature is an expected feature and is now based on Intel Bridge technology.

With this new feature, users can access a variety of applications. As there are many Android apps which have no alternative under Windows.

Microsoft relies on the Amazon App Store to provide apps to Windows 11 users and Intel to provide the technology.

How do Android apps work on PC?

Android apps on Chromebooks work well even if they are just regular laptops with traditional processors.

However, Chromebooks can run Android apps because they rely heavily on Google.

These devices mainly rely on Google services to provide the user's Chrome OS with all the software essentials needed to run Android apps.

On the other hand, Microsoft does not have such a service, as well as Amazon. Therefore, they need a provider that provides these services, in this case Intel, which uses Intel Bridge technology.

What is Intel Bridge Technology?

Despite the name, the functionality of the Intel Bridge is not dependent on any hardware component. On the contrary, it is mainly based on the software side, which means that it will work normally on computers that are not equipped with Intel processors.

Intel Bridge will convert software designed for ARM processors (smartphones) to run on traditional processors.

Technically, this is a runtime recompilation meant to recompile the compiled code. This is because the code has to be compiled to run on Android.

Intel Bridge technology converts it back to Windows 11. This is called recompilation.

Intel Bridge with Windows 11

Intel Bridge is a code recompilation technology that can recompile code to run Android on Windows 11.

Intel technology is described as very complex software. In fact, it replaces hardware components that need to perform this operation.

Running an application through the emulator is different from running an application through the Intel Bridge. Because the technology works as if it was developed for the system.

So, regardless of the specs, Windows 11 devices should run apps at the highest quality possible. Thus, all users can enjoy the experience without specifying specifications.

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