Lightyear One is the most efficient electric car
Lightyear One is the most efficient electric car

A large number of new electric vehicles are being developed that will be marketed in Europe and other regions in the future.

One of them is Lightyear One. The automaker moved its latest verified model to a test track in Germany last month.

On the road, the company has switched to electric vehicles by traveling more than 710 kilometers on a single charge.

According to the company, 710 kilometers is the longest distance an electric car can travel with 60 kilowatts of electricity.

During the test, the car ran continuously at 85 km / h for about 9 hours on a single charge.

The entire test lasted about ten hours and the driver was changed every two hours. And driving the same car for less than nine hours.

Even with the best electric cars, charging time is still an issue. No matter how fast new models load, they are always slower than refueling.

The most efficient electric vehicle on the market today consumes about 50% more electricity than the Lightyear One at the same speed.

The Lightyear One prototype uses solar panels to fill the battery. Passing the first verification test is a big step for the company and the industry as a whole.

By reducing the amount of electricity used per kilometer more moderately, car owners can use a relatively small battery to drive longer distances, the company said.

The most efficient electric car

Smaller batteries are a must in the electric vehicle market because they can reduce cost and weight. The battery is often the most expensive component of an electric vehicle.

Additionally, Lightyear believes its technology will usher in a new era of affordable, long-range electric vehicles.

"With this kind of early validation test, the results have exceeded expectations," said Leiter. Provides data to improve the model.

During the test, the automaker was able to measure the productivity of the solar panels and the energy consumption of the cooling system.

Car improvement is the first step in achieving your goals. Although testing was completed only last month, the company plans to continue testing. Including a crash test and participation in the official WLTP driving course test.

In addition, the company plans to produce 946 cars during the production phase in the first half of 2022.

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