Main Functions of Samsung Browser for Android
Main Functions of Samsung Browser for Android

Samsung has been developing its own internet browser for a long time. Initially, browsers did not meet the criteria due to a lack of functionality. But now it offers a unique user experience.

The Samsung browser is based on the Chromium 87 kernel, the kernel (ie the engine) on which Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge and many other open source browsers are based.

Samsung's browser, called Samsung Internet, is one of the most important web browsers today. Although it is called Samsung, it can work normally on any Android phone.

If you are using a Samsung mobile phone, you can download the browser from Google Play Store or Galaxy Store.

Samsung Internet Browser Functions

This browser offers many features that other browsers do not have, even those based on the Chromium kernel. Among these functions we find the secret navigation function, which can be used to activate the password.

The Incognito function can be used in all competing browsers. However, in the Samsung browser, you can also lock your browsing session with a password. This feature can be accessed by going to "Settings", "Privacy and Security Settings" and "Secret Mode" in turn.

Samsung cares more about the hidden mode, as it can completely prevent tracking during use, such as Smart Anti-Tracking or Smart Anti-Tracking. You can also access this feature from the Security & Privacy section of your browser.

Unlike Google Chrome browser, Samsung can easily install the ad blocker through its browser. You can easily access the ad blocker by going to the settings menu in the app and then clicking on ad blocker to find and select all the ad blockers.

You can use the Samsung Internet browser to prevent websites from redirecting you to other websites. Block unblocked sites. This is done using the "Block Unwanted Sites" option under the "Data protection and security" option.

In addition to the tools provided by the video website, the browser also provides video surveillance tools. Access the Useful Features section through Settings, where you will find the Video Assistant option.

This option allows advanced settings to control the video as it is playing, and these tools are built into all video players on all websites.

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