Mercedes introduces a sliding touch screen
Mercedes introduces a sliding touch screen

Although Mercedes' new AMG SL Roadster won't be fully revealed until later this year, the German giant has released the first image of the new interior, which is supposed to be super analog.

Hyperanalog refers to the designer who combines analog forms and controls with digital elements, and his interior design combines a sense of movement and luxury.

The brand said the AMG SL Roadster was inspired by the original 300SL. The upper part of the dashboard looks a bit like an airplane wing, with four nozzle-like openings.

The main event is the 11.9-inch vertically sliding touchscreen powered by the brand's latest MBUX infotainment system.

Large touch screens are common in new cars these days. The larger these screens are, the fewer devices you can do with the hardware to differentiate yourself from the competition.

But for Mercedes, the screen angle can be adjusted electronically for the first time. So, when the top is facing down, you can easily combat the glare that appears on the screen.

Mercedes introduces sliding touch screen in the market

Mercedes removed the display from the dashboard, installed it on the center console, and tilted it electronically.

It sits on the metal frame of the center console and encloses the storage compartment. In this way, it helps fight glare

At the bottom of the screen are a number of physical buttons that control common items.

The display uses augmented reality technology to display relevant 3D prompts and actions in real driving situations and environments.

The new AMG SL Roadster is also equipped with a digital instrument panel that is slightly different from the other models. The 12.3-inch screen behind the steering wheel is hidden in the sun visor, which Mercedes says is inspired by aviation.

The shift from cars to larger screens is often software-driven, which is why automakers are asking for help.

But like the status quo in the smartphone market, devices have merged. This paved the way for the emergence of new and unconventional ideas.

The car uses an all-wheel drive system that features a lighter, stronger body and returns an automatic convertible roof.

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