Facebook groups can now hire group experts
Facebook groups can now hire group experts

The Facebook platform introduced a new feature called Group Experts which allows administrators to select the members who are most familiar with the topic of the group.

Facebook Groups are a place for subject matter experts who cover a wide range of topics. These knowledgeable members often engage in conversations to answer questions, offer ideas, and provide assistance.

These experts are very important to members because their contributions to the group help build trust between communities.

Group experts have a badge next to their name as evidence. This badge will appear in posts, comments, and Q&A posts.

Team members are selected by board administrators and once they accept the nomination, the team members are granted that status. Administrator can also revoke expert status.

Facebook is testing ways to make it easier for administrators to find these experts by asking some users who are currently in the Fitness & Games zone to add games or activities they know about.

Group admins can search these topics to find new group experts. Administrators can also work with these members to host questions and answers, answer members' questions, and share views.

Facebook adds a group expert function

This method can also be used as a growth engine for the group where new experts can also invite followers who have recently interacted with their homepage to join the group.

However, if the group hires an expert that is untrustworthy, or if the group deliberately engages in spreading misinformation, it is up to the officials to revoke their expert status.

For example, groups promoting the ethnic cleansing program cannot appoint traditional doctors or public health officials as experts.

Therefore, although the mark of an expert indicates the confidence of the host, it cannot objectively identify a person as a true expert.

When asked about other review tools to ensure that the organization's experts provide accurate information, a Facebook spokesperson listed the company's specific methods for dealing with misinformation on the platform. For example, a third-party fact-checker and reduce the circulation of reports as misleading content.

He added that members can report content to the group admin at any time. Facebook believes that the team's experts will help administrators improve the quality of conversations and make it easier to find valuable content. This brings members more valuable experiences.

The company hopes to further enhance the group feature, which allows users to join communities around specific topics and interact with others.

Last month, the platform began making live audio rooms available to users as an alternative to Twitter and club rooms.

The social network also announced its podcast platform, which is now available to podcast producers.

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