Microsoft and Google are improving copy-and-paste functionality
Microsoft and Google are improving copy-and-paste functionality

Microsoft and Google are developing a new set of Pickle Clipboard APIs to improve Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge.

This makes more formats compatible with copy and paste using the new abstraction standard. It allows users to easily copy and paste different types of complex data between browsers and native applications.

Currently, web applications or websites based on Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge have limited access to clipboard content for copying and pasting content.

The current web platforms of both browsers support the most popular standard formats on Windows 10, Linux, macOS, or mobile platforms.

However, the current API is not suitable for a long list of professional formats.

For example, web applications cannot read custom web formats, standard non-web formats (such as TIFF), and proprietary formats (such as docx).

These formats are not supported and users cannot copy and paste them into most web applications.

With the new set of Pickle Clipboard APIs, Microsoft and Google plan to provide a solution to this problem.

If this functionality is implemented in the browser and supported by the developer, the web application can read and write formats other than the standard format.

In other words, you can copy and paste custom file formats between web apps and native apps on Windows, Linux, macOS, Android, and iOS.

According to the two companies, here are the main benefits of the upcoming Clipboard API:

  •     Copying and pasting between web and native apps is allowed; And it is not processed by the browser, that is, it is located in the operating system clipboard.
  •     Developers can create custom clipboard formats.
  •     Maintain security and confidentiality.
  •     Give precise holster control.
  •     Based on the current asynchronous clipboard API.

Microsoft and Google are improving copy-and-paste functionality

In several code fixes for the Chromium project, Microsoft has confirmed that it supports the custom clipboard format for the Chromium browser.

For example, the fix involves implementing runtime tags for custom clipboard formats in the asynchronous clipboard API.

On another update note, Microsoft said it is implementing a new mobile format writing platform and API so that web authors can use the Clipboard Write API asynchronously to write standard and custom formats.

The company's engineers noted: These changes will be used in the Pickle Clipboard API project to support writing in custom formats.

This new API is very useful for developers. It also greatly improves your web browsing experience.

For example, you can easily copy a document from File Explorer and paste it into Google or Microsoft Docs.

Web applications such as SketchUp can also access more specific or complex clipboard functions. This improves the overall copy and paste experience for users.

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