Microsoft may launch cloud services for PC soon
Microsoft may launch cloud services for PC soon

Two months ago, it was reported that Microsoft was preparing to announce its cloud service for PC this summer.

Now it looks like next week, the week of July 12, is the announced date. This is based on the conversation in the conversation list of the Microsoft Inspire Partner Conference.

Microsoft Inspire is Microsoft's annual IT conference. It is supposed to start on July 14 and run until July 15.

Microsoft has scheduled a conference entitled "The Next Step in User Computing" for July 15. One of the speakers at the conference was Scott Manchester, who focused on Microsoft's latest cloud solutions to support hybrid work.

According to his resume, he is the Director of Software Management for Cloud Hosted Desktops, responsible for the development of virtual desktops for Windows, remote desktop services, remote second displays, multimedia, and network technologies.

A few months ago, it was reported that Manchester was developing a cloud service for PC running on Microsoft Azure, codenamed Deschutes.

Cloud PC is a virtual desktop product as a service that enables customers to use their own devices to access remote Windows desktop computers and use software such as Microsoft Office.

Cloud PC works similarly to cloud computing streaming services such as Shadow Cloud Computing.

Microsoft is ready to launch a cloud PC

The software giant plans to sell cloud PCs as a hosted Microsoft 365 experience at a fixed price per user. This is a big difference from the pricing of Windows Virtual Desktop (now Azure Virtual Desktop), which is all about using Azure.

A leak last year suggested that Microsoft might consider selling more cloud subscription options for PC (originally called Medium, Heavy, and Premium - each option offers a different amount of CPU, RAM, and storage). organizations.

As mentioned in a recent article from Microsoft. The Cloud PC service enables administrators to provision computers hosted via the cloud.

The job posting states, “PC Cloud Services enable device administrators to set up computers hosted in the cloud and manage physical and virtual devices. This is accomplished through a unified gateway and predictable, fixed pricing.

Additionally, the company has rewrote this post to remove reference to Cloud PC.

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