OnePlus integrates OxygenOS with Oppo's ColorOS
OnePlus integrates OxygenOS with Oppo's ColorOS

After the company announced last month that OnePlus and Oppo would be merging as a sub-brand of the mobile phone maker, the company announced that it would also integrate OxygenOS into Oppo's ColorOS operating system.

ColorOS and OxygenOS remain independent and continue to serve their respective regions. Hence, OxygenOS is applicable to OnePlus phones all over the world. ColorOS is suitable for OnePlus and OPPO devices in China.

But they do share a common database, and OnePlus has announced that it will standardize its software experience and simplify the development process for future OxygenOS updates.

Hence, this change allows the company to ensure that Android updates are better supported, and Samsung has tried to improve that in the past few years as well.

This new table is closely related to the content provided by Samsung. Samsung has also rolled out three major and four-year security updates for the Galaxy flagship and some mid-range devices.

However, OnePlus has not said when the security update will be available. OnePlus usually updates every two months, which is slower than the Pixel and Samsung versions.

OnePlus integrates OxygenOS with ColorOS

OnePlus driver update lifecycle is as follows:

  •     Flagship phones, including the T and R models, will receive three major Android OS updates and four years of security updates.
  •     Nord and Nord CE phones received two major Android updates and three years of security updates.
  •     Nord N phones receive important Android updates and three years of security updates.

Additionally, OnePlus limits these update promises to OnePlus 8 and later. As a result, the company's old hardware is out of reach.

As the next step for OnePlus, OPPO and the larger electronic table umbrella. Back-end business systems integration appears to be positive for OnePlus users.

"This is a change that you may not notice because it is happening behind the scenes," the company said. We now have a larger and more experienced development team, more advanced R&D resources and an easier development process. They all come together to enhance your OxygenOS experience.

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