Tesla sets a new record for car delivery
Tesla sets a new record for car delivery

Tesla delivered 2012,50 cars in the second quarter of 2021, a record for the company. But it's still slightly below Wall Street expectations.

Elon Musk also produced 206,421 cars during the same period.

Of all the cars Tesla produced this quarter, the vast majority (204,081) are Model 3s and Ys.

Importantly, Tesla also produced 2,340 Model S and Model X sedans, though the company didn't reveal how many Model S sedans were just beginning to reach customers.

Early last month, Tesla hosted a delivery event for the redesigned Model S, which comes with a new drivetrain, more power, a new horizontal touchscreen, steering wheel and greater travel autonomy.

Recently, a Model S plaid in Pennsylvania caught fire and trapped the driver in it.

The number of deliveries in the second quarter broke the record for the previous quarter when Tesla delivered fewer than 185,000 vehicles.

Tesla delivered 200,000 cars

Tesla has increased manufacturing capacity, including building new plants in Texas and Germany, and is close to meeting CEO Elon Musk's goal of delivering 500,000 vehicles in 2020.

Tesla doesn't show shipments by region, so we don't know how many cars the company has shipped to Chinese customers.

Tesla has been hit by a number of bad news in China: Due to the security risks of cruise control, Tesla recently announced the recall of more than 285,000 vehicles, most of which will be manufactured locally.

Like other auto industries, Tesla has a shortage of parts, including a shortage of semiconductors. In May, Musk said on Twitter that prices had risen due to industry-wide price pressures in the supply chain.

Several executives left the company in the second quarter. Acting Acting General Counsel and First Aide includes Al Prescott in April. In June, Lynne Miller, deputy general counsel, and Jerome Gillen, former president of Autos and Heavy Trucks.

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