binbok Wireless Gamepad Switch Controller
binbok Wireless Gamepad Switch Controller

Binbok YS32-01 Switch Controller, Switch Pro Controller, Compatible with Switch / Switch Lite, 8-Color Wireless Controller / Motion Control / Dual Vibration / Turbo

    Switch and light switch design

    It is fully compatible with Switch & Switch Lite, with this wireless controller, you can play any game on Switch as you like.

    Advanced Options

    Advanced 6-axis motion sensor, dual vibration motors and turbo functions, fast response and low latency.

    stable wireless connection

    You can use this switch controller in wireless mode. The wireless connection is stable within 23 feet, with little interference, and the connection is stable.

    Excellent contract

    The key fob features an ergonomic, non-slip design that perfectly adapts to the shape of your hand and gives you an extremely comfortable grip. The non-slip backing can completely prevent slipping.

    One-click pairing

    You can pair the controller quickly and easily by pressing the appropriate button. You can also press the "Y" and "Home" buttons to complete the pairing.

Turbo function

    Press the Turbo button and "A" to set the Turbo function that supports multiple continuous shooting.
    There are three speeds: 5 buds / sec, 12 buds / sec. and 20 buds / sec. Allow yourself to win easily in shooting and fighting games.

LED color

Press the "T" key and the joystick at the same time to change the LED mode.

    Change color with one click.
    Double click to change the lighting mode.
    Long press to adjust window brightness.

double vibration

    Four levels of vibration. Press "T" and "D-Pad Up" or "D-Pad Down" to select the device you want.
    Dual vibration motors ensure realistic impact and crash and explosion feedback.

    high performance battery

    Built-in 600mAh battery, it can be used for 8 hours after fully charged. You can play with your friends for a long time and have a good playing time together.

binbok Wireless Gamepad Switch Controller
binbok Wireless Gamepad Switch Controller

  •  BREATHABLE COLORED LED LIGHTS] 8 colors of red, orange, yellow, green, cyan, blue, purple, rainbow and three lighting modes. You can change the color according to different games to immerse yourself deeply in the game world.
  • [Body Sensors and Vibration] The high-sensitivity 6-axis gyro sensor enables precise motion control. Combined with two vibration motors, quick vibration feedback and professional control keys, you will get a real gaming experience.
  • [Wireless Connection] With the wireless controller, you can enjoy the game without space restrictions. You can move freely within a radius of 23 feet, allowing you to play fighting games freely and defeat your opponents with ease.
  • [Sufficient Battery Life] The 600mAh battery can last up to 8 hours after a full charge. If the battery is low, you can connect the game console to the game device using the data cable and then continue the game while charging.
  • [Pairing one-button and home-button] We have prepared a special pairing switch so that the controller can be easily paired. This professional switcher is equipped with alarm clock function and you can return to the game console by pressing the home button. All buttons with zero latency give you a great gaming experience.

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