ESYWEN Wireless Controller for Nintendo Switch
ESYWEN Wireless Controller for Nintendo Switch

ESYWEN Switch Wireless Controller for Nintendo Switch, Switch Console with Back Button Mouse Touch Detection, Additional Switch Pro Controller with Alarm Clock, Programmable and Turbo Functions

  •  [Programmable function of NINTENDO SWITCH CONTROLLER ESYWEN, with two buttons after programming, there are two modes, single programming or multi programming. You can assign the function of the A / B / X / Y / L / ZL / R / ZR / D-Pad button to the back button, then you can use other fingers for more convenient central operation. Programmable key controls help reduce key misuse and can last more than several years with frequent use
  • 🎁🎮 👦🏻 [Button to wake up the key console. The first time you use the control key, you must press the "Y + HOME" button to establish a connection. Then next time just press the "HOME" button on the professional control switch to activate your device. Great for all players
  • 🎁🎮👦🏻 [The custom TURBO Function PRO keyboard has two TURBO modes, you can set it to TURBO AUTO MODE or TURBO MANUAL MODE. Three adjustable speeds can be set: 5 times / sec, 12 times / sec or 20 times / sec. You can also customize the TURBO button, A / B / X / Y / L / ZL / R / ZR All buttons can be set to TURBO. The Nintendo Switch console's continuous shooting feature makes arcade or action games more fun
  • 🎁🎮 👦🏻 [Dual Vibration Motors and Pro Console Screenshots for Nintendo Switch Console has 6-axis somatosensory gyroscope and vibration function that can provide 3 precise levels of vibration: low, medium and strong. As with the official Switch Pro console, you can take screenshots to download or read on social media
  • 🎁🎮 👦🏻 [Large Capacity Battery & Perfect Analog Stick] The auxiliary switch controller is equipped with a 600mAh rechargeable battery. The Switch console can work for 10-15 hours and be fully charged for 2-3 hours. Compared with other third-party game consoles, the loading time is shorter and the game time is longer. The joystick on this pro controller is similar to the PS4 Pro controller

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