Homeviz Security Camera with WiFi Color Night Vision
Homeviz Security Camera with WiFi Color Night Vision

Homeviz Outdoor Security Camera, Home Security Camera with WiFi Color Night Vision Function, 2K/3MP IP Camera with Human Body and Motion Detection Function, Two-Way Audio, IP66 Waterproof, Support iOS/Android/PC (Wired)

Ultra HD 2K

Homeviz 2K security camera with a resolution of 2304 * 1296 pixels can provide ultra-clear images that can capture clearer details than 1080P camera in every corner of the house. This camera is 1080p video compatible to save storage space.

colorful night view

4 built-in flashlights and 4 infrared LEDs support color videos in low light conditions. When motion detection is triggered, the camera automatically triggers an alarm and color recording. Compared with other black and white cameras, HOMEVIZ security camera allows you to see details more clearly when an intruder is detected at night.

Enhance human detection and anomaly detection

Intelligent motion detection and body detection features can reduce false positives. The camera will automatically send photos and videos of abnormal events to your mobile phone and issue an alert so that you can be notified immediately and take immediate action.

Optimized WiFi signal for a stable connection

The signal performance of the Homeviz Wireless Camera is improved when crossing walls and the Wi-Fi connection is more stable, preventing connection drops and recording delays. You can also connect the camera using an access point or the supplied LAN cable.

Two-way audio

Talk to visitors or warn hackers in real time. This outdoor security camera uses advanced audio coding technology to filter noise from the smart environment and ensure unobstructed communication.

Real-time display for multiple users at the same time

Homeviz Camera and its free app allows multiple users to watch live videos at the same time. You can share real-time snapshots with all family members and other trusted people at any time.

custom tone

Homeviz OB10 is a home security camera controlled by a Wi-Fi app. You can set the alert tone via text-to-speech or voice input via the Homeviz app. This personalized function brings much convenience to your life. .

Customizable detection area

Adjust the motion detection sensitivity and set the detection area. This outdoor security camera can be programmed to trigger an alarm when motion is detected and can only ring from an area of ​​your choice. This greatly reduces the incidence of false positives.

Homeviz Security Camera with WiFi Color Night Vision
Homeviz Security Camera with WiFi Color Night Vision

  •  [3MP Ultra HD Camera] Full Color Night Vision Equipped with enhanced 2K surveillance camera and four flashlights, ultra-clear image quality of 2304 * 1296 pixels, it can take color photos even in the middle of the night. And this outdoor camera has two night modes: color night vision, night vision, and dark mode to choose from. You can see the range of black and night vision modes up to 30 metres.
  • [Artificial Intelligence Human Detection Alarm] Homeviz security camera not only uses motion detection, but also adds the latest human detection technology to reduce false alarms. When people and movement are detected, an instant notification will be sent to your phone. You can also adjust motion sensitivity and motion zone settings to avoid alarms from the street or nearby homes.
  • [Smart APP Control and Two Channel Audio] Download the "Homeviz" APP and you can watch the live video on IOS/Android phone/tablet/PC. Wireless connectivity allows you to monitor your home. This security camera adopts noise canceling technology, so this outdoor camera allows you to talk to anyone anytime and anywhere and hear each other's voice clearly.
  • [Metal Material] IP66 Water Resistant With the metal casing, the Homeviz WiFi Camera is more durable. The IP66 waterproof function allows the outdoor camera to operate at temperatures from -4°F to 140°F, making it a reliable outdoor camera for home security.
  • [Custom Features and Easy Services] Users can customize the alert sound by text-to-speech or use their voice as needed. Outdoor surveillance cameras arranged differently

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