Source code sold for $5.4 million
Source code sold for $5.4 million

The original World Wide Web token was sold at Sotheby's online auction as an irreplaceable NFT token for $5.4 million.

NFT is a digital asset designed to show that someone owns a unique virtual object. I love photos and videos online.

This NFT was developed by British computer scientist and Internet inventor Tim Berners-Lee. Contains original files with source code written by Berners-Lee.

There is also an animated graphic representation of the icon. And Berners-Lee news about the code and its creation. And a full code digital label. All digitally signed by Berners-Lee.

In a statement, Berners-Lee said, "NFT is the industry's latest innovation and most convenient proprietary tool on the market. It is an ideal vehicle for pooling assets."

After the auction was announced, the plan was met with opposition, either due to public concerns about DTVs or environmental concerns.

In one bizarre incident, Berners-Lee appeared to talk about the importance of NFT in an interview with The Guardian. Previously, critics questioned whether the auctions were consistent with the web's values.

He said: I don't sell the source code. I am selling a python image written by myself. If the source code was hung on the wall and signed by me, what would it look like?

The NFT auction began June 22 with a starting price of $1,000. Sotheby's said Berners-Lee and his wife Rosemary are not supportive of the income plan.

Code 5.4 million dollars

In the past few months, some NFTs have sold millions of dollars. In March, artist Beeple sold NFT for $69 million at a Christie's auction.

Also, the Twitter CEO sold his first tweet as NFT for $2.9 million.

Earlier this month, a rare digital avatar called CryptoPunk sold for more than $11.7 million.

NFT sales reached $2 billion for the first quarter of this year. This is based on data from the non-fungal market tracking website.

But there are signs that the bubble may burst. In fact, sales of digital collectibles have fallen sharply in the past few weeks.

As a result, total sales fell from $176 million on May 9 to $8.7 million on June 15. Trading volume is now almost back to the level of the beginning of 2021.

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