PEGATISAN 4K CCTV Tester Support 8MP
PEGATISAN 4K CCTV Tester Support 8MP

PEGATISAN 4K CCTV Tester supports 8MP AHD/CVI/TVI/SDI and 12MP IPC with HDMI VGA input and POE output

The 5 inch IPS touch screen network camera tester is designed for the maintenance and installation of analog network cameras, HD coaxial cameras and other security devices. 1920 * 1080 resolution enables HD network cameras and analog cameras to be viewed in high definition. The device supports various pan/tilt control, simulation and cable testing functions. CCTV installers generally require different test kits to accomplish their tasks. Using an all-in-one tester can make working conditions safer and increase productivity.

IP discovery

Automatically scan the IP address of the entire network sector and use the IP address of the protected camera to automatically change the IP address of the test in the same network sector.


Support 12MP network camera test, automatic connection and image display, and provide test report.

Extended UTP Cable Test

UTP cable, BNC cable, telephone cable, shielded cable, etc. can save the test report, and can detect failure points near, middle and far from the Rj45 cable connector

Application event

The tester supports local update, online update and application management, and the customer can update and install the application by himself.

HD Camera Self Test

Automatically detects HD pivot camera type and resolution, supports snapshot, video and playback, PTZ pivot menu, OSD menu recall.

Industrial PC Professional Edition Test

Automatically scan all parts of IP network, turn on and display PoE automatically. Enter the username and password to scan the camera image. Go to the interface and test the tool.

RJ45 TDR Cable Test

The test cable can generate test report for condition, length, attenuation, reflection, resistance and deflection. The measuring range is 180 m.

POE output power 48V / DC12V 3A

Camera POE power output while camera power is detected.

PEGATISAN 4K CCTV Tester Support 8MP
PEGATISAN 4K CCTV Tester Support 8MP

  •  The CCTV monitor uses a 5-inch IPS touch screen with a resolution of 1920*1080 and supports H.265, H.264 IP and 4K video display to consumer. The monitor supports analog camera tests and comprehensive tilt control, supports automatic HD applications, and automatically detects the type and resolution of HD pivot cameras.
  • AUTO HD can automatically detect AHD/CVI/TVI/CVBS and other cameras, display photos, take photos and videos, control pivot view, menu calls, etc., it supports HD 4.0, TVI8MP, CVI8MP, AHD8MP cameras, photo tests, pivot view control, menu access Support photo, video, zoom and playback.
  • Support HDMI high-definition digital signal input, support SDI2.0, EX-SDI8MP and 3G-SDI camera image test, screen projection and remote control functions for easy monitoring and installation for personnel to exchange information.
  • 48V PoE, camera output power 25.5W, DC12V 3A output power. Support VGA signal input, the highest resolution can reach 2K 60 frames, support frame recording and playback.
  • Testing of optimized cable, UTP cable, telephone line impedance, slope, etc. can generate test reports. AHD TVI CVI CVBS IPC CCTV Tester is used for CCTV system installation and maintenance.

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