Samsung launches TV Plus online streaming service
Samsung launches TV Plus online streaming service

Samsung is expanding the offer of ad-supported media streaming. The South Korean giant has launched its live streaming service on TV-Plus Network in the past few weeks.

This month, the ability to stream videos to Google Chromecast-enabled devices was added in its mobile app.

Both represent a significant addition to TV Plus, which was previously only available on Samsung Smart TVs and smartphones.

A Samsung spokesperson confirmed that the online version of TV Plus hit the market in the second quarter.

As it has spread to the Internet and other smart TV platforms, the direct competition between TV Plus and other free streaming services (such as Pluto TV and Tubi) is getting tougher.

This decision also shows how the television industry has evolved from focusing solely on sales to focusing on advertising and service revenue.

It appears that the online version of TV Plus which was launched in the market in May. But Samsung has not announced it publicly. It is not mentioned in the marketing materials for Samsung TV Plus.

The service gives viewers in the United States access to nearly 140 radio channels. The program includes channels such as ABC News Live, PBS Kids, ION Plus, and Vice. And many genre-specific Vevo channels.

Anyone can access these channels regardless of whether they have a Samsung device or not. However, some channels require users to sign up with a free Samsung account.

Samsung starts network streaming service

The South Korean giant TV Plus first launched as a transactional streaming service in 2016. It later switched to an advertising media model that mimics the look and feel of traditional cable TV services.

The service is integrated into the Samsung Smart TV Program Guide and allows viewers to search for broadcast networks and TV Plus programmes.

This model caused a huge stir among consumers. "We play billions of minutes every month," the company said in September.

The company announced to advertisers that the service has been installed on nearly 50 million smart TVs worldwide.

Since then, Samsung has introduced this service through an app on Galaxy devices on mobile phones and has expanded its geographical coverage.

TV Plus is now available in 23 countries/regions including India, Brazil, Mexico and most of Europe. In total, TV Plus has broadcast more than 1000 channels around the world.

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