Instagram is testing comment limits to reduce abuse
Instagram is testing comment limits to reduce abuse

Instagram is introducing a new anti-abuse option on its platform, this time focusing on restricting the behavior of groups of users rather than disabling or restricting individual accounts.

Some Instagram users are now seeing a new Restrict option in their privacy settings which allows you to temporarily restrict comments and spam from selected groups.

The platform says: It recommends groups of accounts you may want to restrict based on detected activity. This allows users to hide these user interactions unless they want to view them manually.

And you can explicitly restrict interactions from accounts that don't follow you or new followers, which may help reduce the impact of those who choose to join the group for unfollowed or similar reasons.

It is becoming more and more common, and it is easy to inadvertently express incomprehensible attacks or criticism.

Even if you're leaving a comment that you know might provoke a reaction, it may still require a sudden increase in alertness. Therefore, blocking or limiting these signals can provide relief and allow users to reduce anxiety and stress.

Instagram is testing the limits of comments

Instagram also added a Restrict option in 2019. Users can also restrict certain user comments by hiding them from your view.

The main goal is to create a platform where all users can safely express what they want. You don't have to worry about negative comments, reviews, or cyberbullying.

But as mentioned earlier, this focuses on reducing the impact of individual users. This new option aims to limit gatherings where a group of people gather to address a specific person.

"We want to give people more opportunities to deal with serious cases of harassment or abuse," Instagram said. We are testing a new tool that allows users to hide comments and direct messages from new followers or people they haven't followed in a while.

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