Sony launches wireless neckband speakers
Sony launches wireless neckband speakers

Sony has announced the launch of the SRS-NB10, a new wireless neckband speaker that allows users to seamlessly hold conference calls, listen to music and navigate with ease.

Designed to be worn on the shoulder, equipped with a full-range speaker, the SRS-NB10 delivers high-quality, customized sound and features a lightweight, open-ear design suitable for all-day use.

"The SRS-NB10 is an ideal product for working from home," said Sony's Vice President of Home Entertainment and Audio. It introduces new features that anyone can help with. It has an ergonomic design, and customers can use it all day long.

The SRS-NB10 is optimized for personal audio so that users can hear their virtual meetings and calls clearly without disturbing others in the room.

Equipped with a full-range angled tweeter and passive bass amplification radiator, making every call clear and unmistakable.

The SRS-NB10 uses precise audio recording technology, dual-configuration microphones, and advanced audio signal processing to reduce feedback and echo for clear sound quality.

Users can also easily control the microphone by using the microphone mute button during the conference call.

Lightweight and comfortable, these wireless neckband headphones are suitable for the home lifestyle.

The headset can be hung around the neck and shoulder so users can wear it all day to take calls and enjoy podcasts and music at night.

To ensure all-day comfort, the elastic band on the back helps the user find the perfect fit.

Sony launches SRS-NB10 speaker

The SRS-NB10 has a battery life of up to 20 hours and can be used for business calls, music playlists and TV shows.

Plus, you can get up to an hour of extra playtime with the 10-minute fast charging feature.

Thanks to the multipoint connection, the user can connect two devices at the same time. If he receives a work call on his laptop while listening to music on his smartphone, all he needs to do is tap the power button or the steering wheel on the left side of the cord to accept the call.

After the call, he can return to his favorite playlist without having to call back.

Bluetooth technology allows users to connect to a TV, phone, or music player without disturbing other family members.

In addition, the IPX4 splash-proof design makes it easy for you to enjoy your daily household chores.

The device costs $150 and will be ordered in gray or white in September 2021.

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