Tik Tok allows users to pay for videos
Tik Tok allows users to pay for videos

With the increasing competition for the best content creators, TikTok is keen to provide more income opportunities to prevent its stars from switching to other platforms with more profitable opportunities.

So this week, TikTok added a new veil-like option to the app called Shoutouts, which allows fans to pay for the platform's stars and send them personalized video messages.

Shoutouts allows users to use the platform's Chinese currency to pay so that their favorite content creators can send them personalized messages.

Then the creator has three days to accept or decline, then an additional week to create the clip and send it to the user's inbox.

The Chinese platform added virtual currencies last year. It allows users to purchase virtual gifts that can be sent to content creators during a live broadcast.

As the platform explains, users can purchase virtual currency packages on the app. The currency can be found in the account settings under the Balance tab.

Just like Facebook Stars and YouTube Super Chat, this platform allows you to convert real money into TikTok currency.

You can use it to donate to your favorite content creators with digital effects, stickers and trends now.

You can use Tik Tok to pay for videos

The price of the video depends on the wishes of the content creator, and some people can watch their favorite celebrities at any cost.

However, this option does not appear to be widespread yet. You can request shouting from specific accounts in specific regions such as Turkey and Dubai.

This is another way for platforms to build a financial ecosystem for celebrities, provided they can enjoy long-term content.

The Chinese platform knows it needs to create more of these options to make sure these users save money. Therefore, it is expected that more of these options will be rolled out over time.

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