The new Google app replaces Backup & Sync
The new Google app replaces Backup & Sync

Google is simplifying the way you back up and sync files for Drive users. The company is launching a new Drive app for Windows and Mac.

The company has announced plans to move users of its consumer file sync service, Backup and Sync, to a new unified application that can be used by individuals and businesses, the desktop version of Drive.

Google plans to start setting up users next week, July 19, 2021, encouraging users to use Backup and Sync to switch before the end of September and then blocking it on October 1.

Backup and Sync users (which replaced the Google Drive desktop app in 2018) should upgrade to the new app (a renamed version of Google Enterprise File Sync).

Google said that corporate customers who use Drive Virtual (also known as Drive for Desktop) should also be able to switch.

With Google Workspace now accessible to everyone, the separate sync method makes no sense.

The search giant stated that the goal of application integration is to create a powerful, unified sync application that includes the best consumer and business services features that should be easier for IT teams to use and find.

It's worth noting that it also didn't invalidate Google's confused decision to split the Google Drive desktop into two apps in 2017.

According to the company blog that explains the Drive desktop app. Anyone who has used Google services before should be very familiar with the app.

Google is ending backup and sync apps

Drive gives you easy access to files and photos stored in the cloud, and syncs all the files you choose in the background so you're always up to date.

You can also sync local folders such as Desktop and Documents. There's also Outlook integration and Microsoft Meet calendar. You can see who is editing Office files in real time.

According to Google, the app can sync external storage devices like USB drives with Cloud Drive. View files between Drive and local files on your desktop computer.

You can choose to save your personal photos and videos to Drive or Google Photos.

The company will begin moving Backup and Sync users on Monday, July 19. This is the schedule for mobile users:

  •     July 2021: Temporary backup and sync support schedule to help users transition to the desktop version of Drive.
  •     August 2021: Backup and Sync users will receive an in-product notification asking them to move to the desktop version of Drive.
  •     October 2021: Users still using Backup & Sync will not be able to connect to Backup & Sync.
  •     To continue syncing with Drive or Google Photos, users need to switch to the desktop version of Drive.

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