Tik Tok has longer videos for everyone
Tik Tok has longer videos for everyone

TikTok appears to be getting longer, as the app can now post videos of up to three minutes in length, three times the current limit of one minute.

The new additions are intended to give creators more flexibility in signing up and reduce the need for multi-part posts.

Videos of at least three minutes in length have been tested since December. It's easy to watch as you browse through videos from the platform's top content creators.

Longer videos are intended for specific users. But it will now be rolling out to everyone on the platform in the coming weeks.

The platform did not say how long clips can affect the recommendation algorithm. But it's worth considering the potential similarities with YouTube.

When developing the platform, YouTube's algorithm is geared towards viewer retention. This means longer videos. This is why most content on YouTube is now more than 10 minutes long.

Tik Tok may not follow the same method. However, as longer videos increase platform usage, we may see fewer short videos and quick editing.

Tik Tok released the longest video

At the same time, the platform deleted nearly 62 million illegal videos.

To address security and privacy concerns, the Short Video Platform removed nearly 62 million videos that violated its guidelines in the first three months of this year.

The company stated in a report on its website that these videos make up less than 1% of the total number of videos posted on the platform and fall into categories such as nudity, sex, bullying and behaviour.

TikTok, which is owned by the Chinese company ByteDance, added that it has been deleted from the US about 8.5 million times.

The company has been publishing a transparency report since 2019. Previously, its popular teen platform was censored due to content and privacy concerns, which also prompted some countries to ban the app.

The platform has improved security and privacy features to keep users engaged, and last year opened a content review center in their Los Angeles office for more transparency.

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