Twitter accounts suddenly loses followers
Twitter accounts suddenly loses followers

Recently, many Twitter users have noticed that the number of followers fluctuates between hundreds and thousands. Accounts with a large number of subscribers face a serious shortage without warning.
Twitter is showing fewer followers

The Twitter support account indicated that the company periodically audits the account to review or confirm account details and ensure that other information is correct in order to better protect conversations on the platform.

According to Twitter officials, the account will remain locked until this additional information is confirmed. The number of subscribers is not counted. This will automatically reduce the number of subscribers to these accounts.

Twitter identifies fraudulent accounts

If the Company engages in widespread, abusive or fraudulent activities that mislead others, the Company will suspend the account. Twitter stated that tampering with the platform can take many forms and that exploiting fake accounts to mislead others is against its policy.

Providing users with misleading account information is part of manipulating the Platform, as well as using stolen or copied images, personal information and intentionally misleading account information, such as: b- geolocation.

In other words, if the account is not clearly assigned to a natural or legal person, it can be blocked until these details are clarified. This applies to popular accounts such as those of actors or politicians.

artificially increase subscribers

The platform's policy is that an account ban is about overfollowing, following accounts, or artificially sharing tweets.

Depending on the policy, these methods include selling or buying followers and even selling posts like retweets, likes, mentions, and polls.

Using third-party services or apps that claim to add followers or add posts to Tweets is platform manipulation.

In addition, keeping track of a large number of accounts and then logging out to increase the number of subscribers is also considered an abuse of the platform.

The use of automated methods is a violation of the regulations and it is forbidden to re-track other accounts, in particular, the use of automated methods.

Twitter is checking behavior

Twitter has announced that it will regularly take action against platform manipulation. If they suspect an account is involved in such activity, they can close the account to provide more information. If it does not meet the requirements, it remains closed.

According to Twitter: If platform manipulation is an isolated case, penalties can range from deleting tweets to temporarily banning one or more accounts.

However, he warned at the same time that any further offense related to platform manipulation would result in the account being permanently banned.

If Twitter believes that a user has violated the fake account guidelines, it can request certain official government information to restore the account.

If the user sees that their account has been wrongly banned or suspended, they can object at any time.

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