Twitter adds new sharing options to the audio room
Twitter adds new sharing options to the audio room

Twitter has made new tweaks to its live audio room tool called Spaces, including easier room sharing to increase visibility and engagement, and a new search tool to help you find the most relevant room at any time.

The platform is adding a new option that allows audio room attendees to send tweets directly from them, and the room will be automatically flagged in your new tweet.

When you hit the tweet button in the audio room, your tweet will include relevant hashtags and room links so you can easily and quickly increase the broadcast for your followers.

This can be useful promotional advice for the audio room host, and you may receive requests for more details about the common rooms to attract more listeners. This option is now available for iOS and Android.

Detecting audio rooms is also important because if people can't find a room they're connected to, they won't be able to join.

To address this issue, the platform has added new search options in the Space tab. It is currently being tested with some users.

People with the Room tab can now use the new search option to find related audio rooms.

Although this option helps. However, the real key to expanding audio room coverage is to find and highlight relevant rooms for each user based on their interests.

The platform's recommendation algorithm was useless to help users find the most relevant topics and tweets.

But I hope you can improve on that to make the most of your audio space. The manual search option also provides additional tips.

Twitter raised awareness of the sound room

This is useful for users who have access to the Spaces tab, which is currently undergoing limited testing.

But that could change next week when the Fleet stand is taken down and the acoustic room is highlighted in the performance bar above.

As a result of this change, the platform is expected to release a new spaces tab for everyone.

Twitter has also added new visitor management options to Spaces. There is a control bar for attendees at the top of the visitor management page so they are always accessible.

The design of the base has also been improved so that the host can see who's in the room at all times. Although these improvements are minor. But in a larger context, everyone has an important goal.

As platforms pay more attention to spaces, it is important to maximize all opportunities for increased engagement and interest.

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