Everything you need to know about Apple's foldable phone
Everything you need to know about Apple's foldable phone

Since Samsung launched its first foldable phone, rumors and leaks about its biggest competitor will bring Apple phones in the same category, especially since foldable phones are the future trend of smartphones.

Apple has a patent for a foldable phone

The company owns a number of patents for foldable mobile phones. Some of them are from 2016.

One patent shows the iPhone's flexible OLED display, which can be folded horizontally in half and has a metal hinge. When the phone is closed, both halves of the screen remain available.

Another patent describes two magnetically connected monitors that can be used together.

This indicates that the company is developing foldable devices such as the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip.

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In addition, other pending patents show that the company has a foldable phone with a shatter-resistant protective layer.

The foldable phone has a hard coating that can fill in the small cracks that make the appearance of large cracks difficult.

It should be noted that many smartphone manufacturers have filed several patents certifying that they develop a product but may not release it.

Key Features of the Apple Foldable Phone

A recent report by trusted analyst Ming-Chi Kuo found that Apple's foldable phone has an 8-inch screen.

It's larger than Samsung's current iPad mini or Galaxy Fold.

According to the company's patent, this foldable phone is said to have an OLED display.

With the company planning to ship screens this year that support a refresh rate of up to 120Hz in the iPhone 13 phones, it makes sense that the refresh rate will also appear on foldable screens.

It's possible that Apple will make similar upgrades for the cameras. Therefore, this phone is equipped with three cameras and supports modern LIDAR sensors.

The phone may have Touch ID and Face ID technology has been removed, conflicting with the screen folded in half.

Estimated cost and release date

There are many factors that will determine the price of the next Apple foldable phone. Including when the device was released, screen size, and the competitor's price at that time.

For example, the current retail price of the Galaxy Fold 2 is $1,780, which is $200 less than the first price.

The foldable phone is a relatively new type of smartphone. Thus, it is very likely that the price of Apple phones will be too high.

As a result, Samsung continues to lower the price of its next models of foldable devices. Apple could offer foldable phones at the same standard price to increase competitiveness.

As for the release date, Apple plans to release its foldable phone sometime in 2023, according to trusted analyst Ming-Chi Kuo.

However, this release schedule is dependent on Apple resolving major supply chain issues affected by the coronavirus pandemic.

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