Twitter is testing new account lock notifications
Twitter is testing new account lock notifications

Twitter is testing a new way to make sure users are aware of account penalties, and every time they open the app, some affected users will see a new prompt.

If your account is suspended at any time as part of this test, you will see a new notice at the top of the timeline clearly indicating this.

A Twitter spokesperson said: "After receiving user feedback, the company is testing this feature and found that after trying to Tweet or follow a new account, the account was blocked or banned while in read-only mode."

A new notification will let you know if your account has been banned or suspended for rule violations and is in read-only mode.

The platform says that it is important to know the status of your account. We are testing a new way to notify you directly upon registration. When your account is suspended or suspended, some of you will see a description banner.

Increased transparency measures can help avoid confusion and also remind you of the retention period without having to manually search for this information.

The notice clearly stated the meaning of each penalty and also provided a link to suspend the appeal process.

The platform increases the transparency of the restrictions and enforcement process by providing more information about exactly what happened in each situation and what options are available to users to respond to.

In November, Twitter added further clarifications about tweets that violated its rules regarding politics, coronavirus and media manipulation.

Twitter informs users of their misbehavior

The platform began sharing more information about some of the verified tweets earlier this month. or raise concerns.

The platform is also developing a new security hub that can be accessed through the Twitter menu. The center provides users with a comprehensive overview of all current reports and violations in their accounts.

Each action is in line with Twitter's broader efforts to be more transparent and to help users understand its rules and procedures. The goal is to reduce frustration in such a process.

It can't stop people from confusing bans or suspensions. However, providing more information will help users to understand this. This ensures that confusion about what happened and their choices can be reduced.

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