Tik Tok improves live broadcasting by adding new features
Tik Tok improves live broadcasting by adding new features

TikTok has announced a number of new TikTok LIVE streaming media features that will be coming to this popular video platform for content producers and viewers.

TikTok LIVE enables content creators to broadcast live streams to fans while responding to viewers' comments and questions and accepting virtual gifts.

Features include scheduled events, picture-in-picture support for iOS and Android, and group live broadcasts with two users.

These new features are part of the Chinese company's ongoing efforts to enable users to create and watch live broadcasts.

Many new functions make TikTok live streaming platform comparable to other live streaming services.

The platform provides the ability to pre-schedule shows for content creators (the platform calls these live events).

The public can register and receive notifications of live events. Creators can also add a countdown timer to the platform's regular videos in a poster format to promote upcoming shows.

The planning tool is a very common core functionality of the live streaming platform. The company said the feature is now available in the United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. But it is now being tested in other global markets.

The platform has also added the ability to live broadcast with other people and will test co-streaming with other people in the future.

TikTok has also expanded its live Q&A feature, making it easier for the host to interact with the audience mid-stream.

Live Tik Tok Show

The platform adds new comment filtering options to block specific keywords in discussions in real time, and it can identify moderators who can block and silence misbehaving viewers.

The company easily finds and searches for a live feed using a dedicated live button that has already started publishing to viewer feeds.

The platform also supports picture-in-picture mode for iOS and Android, so even if you're not in the app, you can still watch the live broadcast.

TikTok's live-streaming feature is still relatively new, especially when compared to industry-mainstream products like YouTube and Instagram. However, the new features introduced are meant to help video social platforms better compete in the future.

During the pandemic, the platform's live streaming experience has become especially popular. Although the company refused to share the exact viewership of the live broadcast. She said the number of live shows and the number of people who watched live shows has doubled over the past year.

Live streaming can also help increase the demand for apps. A report from Sensor Tower shows that TikTok is the first non-Facebook app to be downloaded 3 billion times worldwide. Although banned in India, it still exists.

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