Twitter loses immunity in India
Twitter loses immunity in India

The Indian government said in the lawsuit this week that the Twitter platform no longer offers liability protections for user-generated content in India.

The reason for this is the growing tensions between the new IT regulations in these two South Asian countries.

In the lawsuit filed on Monday, New Delhi said the platform lost its immunity in India after failing to comply with new local IT rules.

The country announced new national IT rules in February and they came into effect at the end of May.

Experts have said over the past few weeks that Indian courts, not the Indian government, have the power to decide whether Twitter is a safe haven in the world's second largest internet market.

Internet services serve a function generally known as safe harbor protection; h. Technology Platform is not responsible for the content posted or shared by users on the Internet.

For example, if you insult someone on the platform when the person who insulted you goes to court and issues a takedown order, they may ask the company to remove your post. However, the platform may not be responsible for what you say or do.

Without protection, Twitter, with more than 100 million users in India, is responsible for everything those users say on its platform.

Twitter is facing problems in India

The move comes at a time of heightened tensions between the Indian government and Twitter. Google, Facebook and many other companies have partially or fully complied with IT rules.

The rule requires that every large social media company (i.e. a company with more than 5 million users in India) appoint a compliance officer, a resident complaints officer and so-called contractual contact to resolve issues with the site.

Court documents indicated that Twitter did not meet any of these requirements. Twitter has announced in the past that it wants to comply with IT rules.

With the liability exempted, Twitter executives in India could face several criminal charges over the content.

Indian police have filed at least five lawsuits against the company or its officials in the country over a range of issues.

In late May, a special team of Delhi Police raided the Twitter office and many believed it was bullying tactics.

The company said at the time that it was concerned about recent incidents with its employees in India. He asked the Indian government to give him another three months to comply with the new IT rules.

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