Norway requires Instagram photo editing only
Norway requires Instagram photo editing only

Norwegian lawmakers have enacted new regulations requiring all influencers and advertisers to clearly label all altered images in order to increase the transparency of those images.

The rise of the portrait culture over the past decade has encouraged the development of digital enhancement tools and techniques.

Many of the photos that people post online have been heavily revised and edited to make people look different from their real faces.

The side effect is that a generation of people compare themselves to unrealistic pictures, which can lead to serious psychological effects, especially in young women.

Under recently passed rules, ads that alter body shape, height or skin - or even pass filters before photos are taken - require standard posters designed by the Norwegian Ministry of Children and Family.

The new law covers the content of influencers and celebrities as long as they receive payment or other related benefits.

Links to all posts on social media platforms. Every violation is punishable by ever higher fines and in extreme cases even imprisonment.

Norwegian officials acknowledged that the request could pose challenges in terms of improving the discovery process. But in many cases, the threat of legal action can be a great deterrent. Especially for personal influencers who are reluctant to risk punishment for posting.

Norway has restrictions on edited photos

This will cause these influencers to post more realistic images online, which in turn will have a negative impact on the behavior of ordinary users, and will make it easier for people to compare their mistakes.

A 2017 study published by the Royal Society of Public Health found that Instagram is the social network with the worst mental health, and the platform has led to increased anxiety and depression.

One of the main findings of the study is that Instagram contributes significantly to comparing young people. Users feel that they cannot keep up with the high-quality content posted on other people's Instagram accounts.

These perfectly shaped, weathered designs have severely distorted people's perception. For this reason, Google has started removing beauty retouching tools from Pixel smartphones. Instagram tried to hide the number of likes to reduce stress.

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