Twitter plans to edit the tweets for a while
Twitter plans to edit the tweets for a while

Twitter is currently experimenting with a new aspect ratio that takes up all the horizontal space when broadcasting and removes the circular borders of the existing image.

According to reverse engineering expert Jane Manchun Wong, the new design spans the full width of the stream, making it closer to Facebook but looking better than the current Twitter display ad.

Apparently, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey (Jack Dorsey) has approved the change. In response to Huang's original tweet, he posted: "It's so much better."

His response was to assume this change is coming soon, which could be a big change, to save the photos you posted on Twitter to make sure you zoom in on the additional view when it becomes available.

On the other hand, the platform also gives users new hopes to edit tweets, as product owner Kevon Bikbor asked a question in the voting tweet.

The question is, if you could edit a tweet within minutes of posting it with a Twitter Blue subscription, would you want to subscribe to it?

Twitter has been talking about this potential addition for years, and Dorsey explained in a 2019 interview how well she did it.

If you post a tweet, Dorsey said at the time, it would immediately go out into the world. You cannot get it back. So we can introduce a delay of 5-30 seconds into the transmission. During this time you can edit tweets.

"The problem with more time is that the nature of actual speaking time changes," he added.

Twitter plans to process tweets

Bikpur spoke for a few minutes. But the idea is the same, it could become a potential addition to the Twitter Blue subscription service currently available to users in Canada and Australia.

Twitter Blue has an unsend option, so users can remove tweets sent up to 30 seconds after posting. Editing over a longer period of time improves the selection further.

It helps to see that Twitter continues to research new ideas for monetization tools. Dorsey said last year that he would not edit Tweets. But recreating this discussion shows that Twitter may have no idea how to get people to pay for your offer.

After years of relative stagnation, the platform's management is under pressure to improve its performance. It identifies some ambitious growth goals that you may need to achieve. Editing tweets can be the biggest temptation to attract more people.

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