The latest Instagram experience promotes the Facebook app
The latest Instagram experience promotes the Facebook app

Instagram is running a new test to let users know about another app they might want to watch, which is Facebook.

The photo sharing app tries to set up a notification via the users feed that encourages them to see only the features that Facebook provides.

A company spokesperson said in a statement: "We are testing a way for people who link their Instagram account to Facebook to see only the jobs available there. For example, how to find a job, buy or sell merchandise, or catch up on the latest news."

It might not make sense for a company to use one of its billion-user apps to promote another billion-user app. However, this is the last way the Instagram social network is used to push people back to the main app.

The company is constantly working to bring the two apps closer together and encourage users to link their accounts.

A book published last year reported that Mark Zuckerberg was jealous of Instagram's success and feared that the app would tear Facebook apart.

Tensions between him and the app's founder caused them to leave in 2018.

Facebook indicated that only a small percentage of Instagram users who previously chose to link their accounts see posts that can be rejected.

But while it will never expand, it shows that the company has yet to complete its efforts to get users of the photo-sharing platform to spend more time on Facebook.

Instagram Snapshot designs are available to everyone

The platform announced the feature in March, and now all users can save Instagram Stories as drafts in the app.

This option will be enabled if you leave the story author in action. If you want to save draft stories, you will be prompted to delete them one week after saving draft stories.

This option gives you additional space to incorporate more complete works, so you can share those works with your audience at the best time.

This feature is especially useful for social network administrators who want to post at the best time.

Until now, all users can save stories by uploading them to the device or through some external application. But these tools are not the original IG tools.

Thanks to in-app drafts, you can see how it appears to users and at the same time take advantage of the full functionality of the platform that is set during its drafting and deployment through the program at any time.

"Instagram Stories drafts are now available to everyone in the world," the platform says. Drafts of stories are available for 7 days before they disappear.

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