Twitter takes a new step towards e-commerce
Twitter takes a new step towards e-commerce

After initial testing of brand accounts in April, Twitter is now entering the next phase of driving its business development, and the new store unit is also being tested in a number of select brands in the US.

The new feature allows you to add a shopping area at the top of the account. As the platform explains: The store unit is a designated area at the top of the account where businesses can display their products.

“When users visit an account with the Store module activated, they can scroll through the product line, click on individual products to learn more, and shop seamlessly in the in-app browser without having to leave Twitter.”

With the widespread development of e-commerce, almost all social platforms are now looking at how to integrate the elements of purchasing in order to allow users more time on the platform and maximize income opportunities.

So it's no surprise that Twitter is doing the same crawling, which is another part of its expansion to bring more tools to business users.

In March of this year, the platform conducted a survey of some users and asked for their opinion on potential business functions that can be incorporated into business accounts.

Including this store unit as well as many other products. With Twitter expanding this package, it appears that all of these viewing options are available to business users.

Twitter launches store unit

The bigger question here seems to be whether these options are free for brands or whether companies like Twitter Blue have to pay a monthly fee to access these additional tools.

The platform is experimenting with different forms of add-ons and users have to pay to access them.

Twitter Blue is the best known example. Users pay a monthly fee for additional tweet features, including send and read modes to cancel.

But Twitter is also testing updates to its tweet management platform, TweetDeck. It can also become a similar subscription option for business users.

Business accounts can also become a paid option as the platform looks for other ways to generate income. As part of its major effort to double its sales by 2023.

From this perspective, this new product could become a paid tool. Given Twitter's growing interest in monetization, these elements seem to align in this way.

Many brands can pay for additional business functions. Hence, this appears to be a great opportunity for Twitter to increase its earnings potential.

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