Tesla allows its network to charge other electric cars
Tesla allows its network to charge other electric cars

Tesla has one of the largest electric vehicle charging networks. This is normal because electricity is the fuel for this type of car and at the same time its most important infrastructure.

For years, company president Elon Musk has been talking about his company's intent to make the Supercharge network available to other electric vehicles, too. But Musk finally announced in July not so long ago that this would happen in 2021.

This week, Musk shared more information showing how other electric vehicle owners can benefit from Tesla's electric grid.

Why did Tesla take this step

Elon Musk stated that using Tesla's fast charging network would be very easy. Electric vehicle owners can charge their cars over the Tesla network just using the Tesla smartphone app.

As shipping standards are standardized in China and some European countries, other car owners can also benefit from this service. In North America, on the other hand, the company's charging stations use different connectors, so owners of other electric vehicles will need special adapters.

The company does not bear all the costs of this project. Since Musk and his company have had a lot of conversations with electric car manufacturers, Musk said competitors can accept the mentioned costs, while supporting Tesla's charging cable and having the option to use inverters. . If not.

Musk stated that his company developed its own connector when there was no set standard. This is what happens when no company offers a car like Tesla Motors.

The provision of Tesla's Supercharge network to other vehicles will greatly stimulate the development of the electric vehicle market. The company currently has more than 3,000 charging stations and more than 27,000 charging links around the world, enabling fast charging, which is one of the most important advantages.

It is reported that EVgo, ChargePoint, Blink, and several other charging station providers have publicly signed up in the near future and now have enough funds to grow their business that will initially support electric vehicles.

On the other hand, large booster stations in some major cities can launch new social events because these stations are usually crowded and force company car owners to congregate in that neighborhood; Positive because car owners are relatively rare. Cars like this are often very close to ideas and interests.

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