Windows 11 introduces modern concepts to the system that we have used for many years
Windows 11 introduces modern concepts to the system that we have used for many years

In the minds of millions of people, computers are associated with the Windows operating system. This system first appeared 35 years ago and is the best known and most widely used system, but neither the system nor its entire life cycle has fundamentally changed or changed. It is produced in Windows 11.

With the release of Windows 95, Windows was introduced in its current form. Since the design was based on both the Start menu and Windows and the desktop, Microsoft released successive versions until it got to Windows 10 and decided to shut down.

Suddenly the company decided to put a new operating system on the market. It's Windows 11. Overall, Windows has provided a familiar and familiar user experience for over 20 years. Not all versions, big or small, have changed radically.

Familiar user experience, brand new

Windows 11 has taken on a whole new design. Introduced a new look to the Start menu, a redesign of the Microsoft App Store and changes to the Settings app. But internally, Windows remains the same.

And the changes in the new version are very visible. This is a redesign of most parts of the system, inspired by systems like macOS and Chrome OS. In addition to the functionality of the widget, there is also a move away from the Live Tiles functionality, which has been around since Windows 8.

The new Settings app has many advantages. Because Microsoft has been trying for many years to put down the usual Control Panel and include all the settings in the modern Windows 10 Settings app.

In the new Windows, users can access most settings in an organized manner without having to go back to the traditional Control Panel.

However, these changes are still superficial. For example, searching for mouse settings in Settings opens the traditional Settings window that users previously accessed through the Control Panel. In other words, change is always official.

Windows 11 between appearance changes and new features

Although Microsoft wanted to change the design, it kept the option to bring the icon back and the Start menu back to the lower left corner of the screen as before.

New Windows features are not just cosmetic, they also introduce features that really impact performance and productivity. It's like controlling window magnification to use multiple windows at the same time. Moreover, the look and feel of the Microsoft Store is not everything, but the Store provides a better user experience in every way.

After important apps like Zoom, OBS Studio, and Canva appeared in the Store, we became aware of this, even though the system was only available in beta.

Windows 11 redesigned Windows 10 and introduced a limited number of new features. Most notable of course is the ability to run Android apps directly. There is no doubt that the system will be satisfactory for a large number of users, but in the eyes of many people, this is just a huge update to Windows 10, not a new one.

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