The first beta of Windows 11 is officially30 July
The first beta of Windows 11 is officially30 July

Microsoft has released the first beta version of Windows 11, which is available to users who have signed up for the Windows Insider Program.

So far, access to Windows 11 means installing the Developer Preview version, which Microsoft says is designed for high-tech users.

According to Microsoft, the beta version is less volatile because the company has verified the version.

A compatible PC is required to install the trial version. It is currently difficult to determine if your device is suitable for the next version of Windows.

But Microsoft's article on preparing for release by Windows Insider takes people to the system requirements page.

The company said that it paid special attention to the performance of its seventh-generation Intel processors and AMD Zen 1 architecture during testing. Therefore, it is possible to allow these systems to run test builds. But not the final version.

The beta version is also great news for those of us who have installed Developer Preview to get Windows 11 ASAP.

Windows 11 first beta is coming

If you are a Developer Preview user, you can switch to the beta channel by going to Settings, Windows Update, Windows Insider and then clicking on Choose Windows Insider settings.

Switching from the developer channel to the beta channel usually requires a fresh installation of the entire operating system. But according to a Windows Insider Twitter account, the company can convert in no time without having to reinstall the operating system.

For users who are still using Windows 10 but want a trial version of Windows 11, they can sign up for Microsoft's beta program.

Although Microsoft has stated that the beta version is more stable than the developer version. But it is still experimental. There can be errors, crashes, and missing functionality.

The company provides a full list of current issues in their article, which also indicates that the group chat feature available to some people in Developer Preview is currently not available to beta users.

If you want to try out Windows 11, it's stable enough now, and Microsoft describes it as being available to early adopters.

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