You can use Twitter to change who can reply after a Tweet has been posted
You can use Twitter to change who can reply after a Tweet has been posted

Twitter has added a new update to its reply control options, which were first introduced in August last year, allowing users to decide who can reply to their messages.

In the first update, Twitter allowed users to choose who can reply to their tweets during the tweet creation process: “Anyone,” “People you follow,” or “Only the people you mentioned.”

The problem with this is that sometimes you want to update your audience late, perhaps because of hate in your response or unexpected disagreements in your original comment.

In this case, all you have to do is hit delete. But Twitter has now added a new consideration to the portfolio, with options to monitor the audience retroactively.

This means that you can always limit or update who can reply to your tweets, even after the tweet has been posted.

It can have different use cases. Perhaps your tweet leads to offensive or controversial replies and you don't have time for them, or you find that your comments are more of a statement than part of a conversation and you'd rather turn off replies.

Twitter has added new options to control response

Removing assets is always an option. But sometimes you want to insist on commenting without having to deal with different opinions.

The new job aims to help combat harassment. It can be used on iOS, Android, and the web around the world.

To change who can reply, click or tap the three-dotted menu in the Tweet and look for the options in the menu that appears.

You can do this so that everyone can answer. Or only people you follow can reply. Or only the people you mentioned in the Tweet can reply.

With the latter feature, Twitter gives users more control over who can interact with the content they post.

On July 1, Twitter revealed some ideas that could give users more control. I love the ability to tweet to trusted friends and the ability to tweet from different accounts.

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