YouTube users monetize Microsoft videos
YouTube users monetize Microsoft videos

When Microsoft updated its Microsoft Teams communications app in January and used a more sophisticated way to deliver PowerPoint presentations, the company published a 500-word blog post about the feature.

People can read the post and try to figure out how to use it, or they can refer back to YouTube.

A former Microsoft employee named Kevin Stravertert has posted a explainer video to more than 800,000 subscribers through a Google-owned video service.

The video has garnered more than 180,000 views and hundreds of comments. Microsoft itself has not released a video about it.

"I was able to build an audience for Microsoft," Stratford said. Company content attracts more viewers than offline content.

This could be related to Microsoft's product coverage as the company will capture 86% of the email market by 2020 and will have 1.2 billion Office users.

However, not all of these 1.2 billion people can do it all in one office suite.

People should also keep themselves abreast of the latest updates from the company. A Stratverter YouTube video can help with that. These videos sometimes get more views than official company videos.

Enjoy the videos

In 2017, Stratvert released its first video related to Microsoft and toured the company's headquarters.

Two months later, Stratverte was working with a small development team on, and the location is unknown, especially when compared to the PC version of the Office suite apps.

Stratvert has created a video showing how users can use to take advantage of most of the features of the Office suite for free.

He continues to create videos in Excel, Word, Outlook, PowerPoint, Microsoft Teams and Windows.

Microsoft employees from other teams noticed this and requested product videos because they realized that talking about the product could attract new users.

In July 2020, Stratvertise left her position at the company and began producing 5 times more than before. He talks about competing products like Slack and Zoom.

Stratvertise now has 85% more subscribers than the official Microsoft 365 YouTube channel, which focuses on Microsoft Teams and other Office apps and has a content production team of 20-30 people.

Historically, product development and maintenance has always been at the heart of Microsoft. Today almost 50% of employees work in engineering.

Marketing is only a small part of the job. Employees create advertisements and materials for company websites, events, and other promotional activities.

Microsoft video

In the past few years, a team within the company has begun to pay more attention to YouTube.

When people want to better understand Microsoft software, they usually turn to YouTube. While the company has a large number of videos on YouTube, they do not always appear at the top of the site's search results.

Sometimes there may be videos from Microsoft employees. The company has a large audience of employees. Includes Mike Tholfsen, whose video shows how teachers and students use Teams and other apps.

The company created a group to help people working on different products create a great YouTube channel.

With the creation of Microsoft Creators, the software giant began promoting videos to non-employees.

His video playlist now contains videos from people who are not employees. I suggest using their video for customer support.

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