YouTube wants to show you channels you've never seen before
YouTube wants to show you channels you've never seen before

YouTube introduces a new feature called new to you to help users discover content from channels they've never seen before. But it corresponds to an interest based on previous visual behaviour.

The selection mainly focuses on increasing audience interaction. But it can also help content creators gain new audiences through targeted presence.

Soon, users of the YouTube mobile app will see the "New content recommended for you" prompt at the top of search recommendations.

Once clicked, the user is directed to a list of videos outside of their usual recommendations beyond the normal crawl list.

YouTube explains: The Discover feature can help YouTube users discover content in a specific region or popular content around the world. But it is not necessarily designed for them.

In other words, ignore her interests. But what sets New For You apart is that it targets the viewer. Hence, we try to balance the things we think you might be interested in and those that are far from what you normally see.

This function is very similar to Explore. However, it focuses more on discovering new channels for each individual user based on their interests and behaviors in specific applications.

YouTube introduced a new feature

It can help viewers discover new channels and niche interests, and use YouTube for longer.

However, this helps content creators become known to an audience who is interested in their content.

The effectiveness of this tool lies in the way YouTube's algorithms relate to the trends and habits of large viewers, and new content is displayed based on these links.

If it can highlight something you never thought you would look for, it could be a valuable addition. However, if the suggestion is too vague and untargeted, people won't click the button as often.

Either way, this is an important experience, and with so much content to choose from, it makes sense for the platform to recommend new content to users and use the full list as much as possible. .

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