Twitter Highlights Fleets Below Specific Tweets
Twitter Highlights Fleets Below Specific Tweets

Twitter seems to want you to have a fleet-like experience by highlighting the best fleet content in different formats to encourage you to watch mobile-friendly content.

Earlier this week, some users reported that fleets of accounts they didn't track appear at the top of the fleet bar to aid fleet detection.

Now it's clear that Twitter is also trying another way to view the associated fleet.

As part of the new test, Twitter now offers users a fleet of tweets that they recommend as additional content when expanding the original tweet.

The idea is to attract more users to the contents of the fleet, which increases the discovery of the fleet.

This can lead to the discovery of new fleet content and the pursuit of new accounts. But the test should show the fleet specifically.

Twitter seems to think this is a useful feature and that more people should be involved.

Twitter highlights the fleet

Twitter may have seen some good interactions with fleets among those who have seen it, so it hopes to make it stand out in front of more users to encourage users to spend more time on the app and take advantage of items that have received good responses.

Fleet may not be performing well, and users have not given them a chance, Twitter is now looking at ways to promote this option in every possible way to increase usage.

If Twitter does not provide specific fleet usage statistics, all options are open at this point.

However, if the platform uses any of these new fleet discovery options outside of testing, it could make the fleet option more attractive to brands.

In fact, both represent the benefits of expanding member access accounts. Who can take care of the content without having to pay for an additional offer.

The size of the user base for these current tests is not yet clear. However, it could provide new access rights that could make the fleet a more viable consideration in strategy.

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