All the details about Google Play Store and its services
All the details about Google Play Store and its services

Every year, thousands of users migrate from iOS to Android. Many users connect to the Google App Store for the first time. Besides understanding the functions and characteristics of this store, it is very important for every user.

Most of the companies' Android phones use the Google Play Store as their primary storage. Hence, it is considered the official store of the system and a direct competitor to the App Store, and perhaps it is the only competitor to it.

The role of the store is not limited to providing applications and games. Instead, Google provides access to books, series, and movies through Google Play Books and Google Play Movies & TV.

Google Play Store

Many aspects of Android depend on Google Play Services known as Google Play Services. These are the services Huawei missed after the US ban.

Play Store is the main destination for downloading and buying apps and games for Android phones and tablets. Many of these apps and games are available for free but come with optional payments.

The American giant itself is responsible for overseeing payments and in-app games. This is done via a separate payment gateway. Google gets 30% of the gross profit from each app or game.

The company offers a service called Google Play Pass. This is a monthly subscription service that allows users to access various paid apps and games for free, or enjoy free apps and games without ads.

However, this service is not supported in all countries/regions. On the other hand, it is not necessarily all applications and games, but only those that cooperate with Google.

Google Play Books also allows users to purchase and download eBooks. Plus the ability to download your own books - as PDF or EPUB files - and access them from anywhere via the service's website or app on your smartphone.

Google Play Movies & Series allows you to buy or rent episodes of movies and series at very low prices. If the user is rented, they can keep the movie or episode for 30 days if they don't start watching. If the content is on, it will be 48 hours.

Google Play Services appears as a normal app on Android phones and tablets. In addition to adding certain features and functionality to phones and tablets, this app also enables regular updates of the Google app. This is in addition to many functions and features, including:

  •     Documentation and approval of services and applications
  •     Sync contacts across all devices
  •     Check your account privacy settings
  •     Use of location-based services

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