Twitter tries to increase newsletter subscriptions
Twitter tries to increase newsletter subscriptions

Twitter is testing a feature that will improve the usability of the recently acquired Revue newsletter platform.

The advantage is that you can sign up for the newsletter directly from your Twitter account without having to click a link to a separate website.

All Revue newsletter authors can activate this functionality. But the button was initially shown only to the test group of Android users and web platforms.

The Subscribe button must be activated in the Journal settings before it will appear on the Platform.

The new button and newsletter card appear almost like a static tweet at the bottom of your bio across platforms, with the title, photo, short description, and an actual subscription button for your Revue newsletter.

Clicking this button will bring up a dialog reminding you that the people you follow on the platform will now receive your email. It allows you to read the sample newsletter and then subscribe to it.

Although this is a very simple function. But for anyone considering starting a newsletter or switching to the Revue platform, it can make a lot of sense.

Although in theory anyone can write a newsletter. But in general, financially successful newsletters are written by professional writers.

With just a few clicks, Twitter can easily convert followers into subscribers. It is much easier than having an alternate link in your account.

Simple newsletter registration is the latest feature in the platform's rapidly growing suite of functionality. Many of them are also hosted through account pages.

The company began trialing the Tip Jar feature in May to collect direct payments. It also allows some brands to market their products so that you can buy products without leaving the platform.

Twitter is making some minor changes to direct messages

The platform has also rolled out several new updates to its direct messages that will be rolled out to some users in the coming weeks.

Changes include the ability to send direct messages to multiple people in a single conversation. You can now share Tweets in up to 20 separate private message conversations.

This feature will be available first for iOS and web, and soon for Android.

For iOS users, the platform adjusts the timestamp of direct messages. Messages are grouped by date rather than each message being attached to the date and time of your private message conversation.

The platform says this will reduce timestamp confusion. IOS users will soon be able to access the "Add Notes" button by double clicking and long pressing on the message.

Android and iOS users can check the message conversation in real time and then press the down arrow key to go back to the most recent message.

The platform has added several new features over the past few months, including a new way to report incorrect information about the coronavirus, an updated API to make it easier to report voice chats in Spaces, and font changes. .

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