Amazon gives you an easier way to complain
Amazon gives you an easier way to complain

If consumers think they've been harmed by a third-party product, Amazon makes it easy for them to file a complaint.

The company has updated its long-term return policy, known as the A-to-Z Guarantee, to resolve claims for defective products.

Starting September 1, consumers will be able to contact the company to file claims for personal injury or property damage. Next, the company will communicate with consumers and sellers.

Buyers are currently encouraged to contact sellers if they have any issues until the company is out of business.

This change solves a long-standing problem in Amazon's overseas marketplace where counterfeit products, unsafe products, and even expired products have become notorious problems. These questions have been examined in detail by lawmakers and supervisory authorities.

This marketplace of millions of third-party suppliers has evolved from Amazon retail. Help the company develop additional revenue streams such as commission and advertising services.

Starting next month, consumers will be able to submit product endorsements directly to the company. Amazon said it used a team of independent insurance fraud experts and a fraud and abuse detection system to review the claims.

If the company determines that the claim is valid, it will contact the seller. If consumers believe their complaint has been wrongly dismissed, they can appeal.

If the company contacts the seller, the seller can defend his product. If the seller does not respond, the e-commerce giant will take care of the complaint.

Amazon gives you an easier way to complain

Last month, the US Consumer Product Safety Commission sued the company, forcing it to recall dozens of faulty products sold by distributors in its market.

The complaint also seeks to establish that the company is a distributor of consumer products for the purposes of the Consumer Product Safety Act. It is not limited to the owner of the platform on which the product is sold.

In the past few years, many people claiming to have been harmed by the product have taken legal action against the company.

This has sparked a contentious debate about whether or not they can be held liable for defective goods supplied by third party suppliers through their website.

The company refutes these actions by claiming that it is more of a platform than a seller, thus protecting it from any liability. She stated that she acts as a channel between buyers and sellers in her market. It is not involved in the purchase or distribution of products sold by outside sellers.

The legislature also wants to update the product liability law in the e-commerce age so that e-commerce platforms are responsible for merchandise just as retailers are for merchandise sold in traditional stores.

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